Frequently Asked Questions

Additional help can be found in the Rules & Hints-Forum
  1. How can I play?
  2. Which features are available in the different versions of the game?
  3. How can I convert my current account into a Plus Player account?
  4. How can an existing community convert into a Pro Player community, so that every member is keeping his team?
  5. May I become a Pro Player in my Mini League by myself or must all members of my Mini League become Pro Player?
  6. How can I invite friends to my Mini League
  7. How can I convert a public Mini League into a private Mini League?
  8. How can I convert a private Mini League into a public Mini League?
  9. How many members should/may a Mini League have?
  10. Where do I see who else is in the Mini League and the players they have?
  11. What are the numbers in parentheses next to the logged in players?
  12. Can I play alone?
  13. How do I know that none of my friends has already created a Mini League?
  14. Can I play in more than one community?
  15. Can I signup more than once for one community?
  16. What authorisations / possibilities does the community manager have?
  17. Can I move with my account into another league?
  18. What is "News-Connect"?
  19. What is "Webservice servicekey"?
  1. Why is a player's position defence/midfield/striker although he's playing on another position for his club?
  2. When are position reworked/changed?
  3. What is the individual news service?
  4. What happens to players that leave the Bundesliga, e.g. relegate, end their career or transfer into another league?
  5. What do the icons of the player status display for Pro and Plus Player mean?
  1. How are the points calculated?
  2. Why haven't I received points for the last game day?
  3. After the last transfers before the start of the games my account balance was positive, but is now negative. Will I receive points for the game day?
  4. After the last transfers my balance is negative an a game day is starting. Would I get points if the community manager reverts a transfer?
  5. Why do I come up with more points in my calculation, than the computer has awarded me?
  6. When will I finally receive points?
  7. What are the substitute players for?
  8. We were playing with salaries, but did not receive the increased points bonus?
  1. How do the evaluations work?
  2. When does a player receive an evaluation?
  3. Are there live-evaluations?
  4. Are the evaluations at the end of a match definite?
  5. Do I receive a points bonus when points are corrected?
  1. Where can I see my fellow players points?
  2. What do the symbols next to the user under "Standings" mean?
  3. Who is winning, if two or more members have the same number of points at the end of the season?
  1. How are the market values of the players determined?
  2. Could you please place xyz on the exchange market?
  3. Why do some players appear often on the transfer list, others never?
  4. Can I see my fellow player's bids?
  5. Why haven't I gotten a new player although my offers have been accepted and the money was deducted from my account?
  6. I've mistyped my bid, e.g. one extra digit. Could you please revert the transfer?
  7. I've placed a bid for a player, when do I get him?
  8. I've placed a player on the transfer list, how's bidding for it when?
  9. Why aren't player's of a deleted member placed on the transfer list?
  10. When do players from promoted teams or new entrants show up on the transfer list?
  11. Until when do I have to accept an offer so that the player gets transfered on the same day?
  12. Until when do I have to put a player on the transfer list so that I will get an offer by the computer on the same day?
  13. Why do i have to accept an offer to me or have to put a player on the transfer list before 3 a.m. (CET)?
  14. What are barter deals?
  15. What is a release clause?
  16. What is the amount of the release clause?
  17. How can I pay a release clause?
  18. What happens in case I don't have eleven players on a matchday due to forced sales by release clause?
  19. Will a player be transferred immediately after the release clause has been paid?
  20. Does every player have a release clause? Can I prevent a transfer by release clause?
  21. Can I also sign players from the computer by paying the release clause?
  1. Why should I subscribe to the newsletter, how often is the newsletter published?
  2. How can I subscribe to the newsletter?
  3. Why can't any of my league members send me an e-mail? / Why don't I receive the newsletter although I've entered a correct e-mail address?
  1. How can I renew my account (ahead of time)?
  2. I forgot to state my user name in the reason for payment when I transferred my membership fee. Is that a problem?
  3. To which account do I have to transfer my membership fee to if I am a Pro or Plus Player?
  4. What do I have to include in the reason for payment when I am transferring my membership fee for my Pro/Plus Player account?
  5. I am Pro/Plus Player and have already transfered the membership fee. When will all the features be activated?
  6. Why are there different payment options?
  7. How can I terminate my Pro/Plus Player membership?
  8. How are the player salaries calculated?
  9. What are "Cookies"?
  10. How much time do I need for the game?
  11. Which HTML tags are allowed in user and Mini League descriptions?
  12. What are the shortcuts to reload the page without browser caching?
  1. How do we continue next season? What's the "change of seasons"?
  1. Do I receive a bonus for achieved points in the prediction game?
  2. Who's allowed to predict?
  3. Why is the prediction king symbol not displayed under "standings"?