Rules of the game

  1. The winner is the Mini League member who has the most points at the end of the season.
  2. Assessed are only those players, that are in your line-up. In general you must submit your line-up till the start of the first match on the game day. The exact deadline is found in the calendar.
  3. Transfers are performed once per day. The exact time is listed in the calendar.
  4. You may buy and sell players at any time, the transfer is performed at the next transfer time (see 3.).
  5. A player that you offer for 0 € on the exchange market, is automatically removed from your team at the next transfer point, regardless wether you've accepted an offer for this player or not. You will not receive any money for this player!
  6. When you buy a player, the price is immediately deducted from your account. When you sell a player, you'll only receive the money at the next transfer point!
  7. If your balance has been negative directly after the last transfer event before the start of the match day, you will not receive any points even if your Mini League Manager would nullify a transfer retroactively!
  8. After the game day you will be awarded 10.000 for every point you made that game day (30.000, if your community plays with salaries). Positive points are set against negative points. No money will be deducted if you happen to have negative points in total for the game day.
  9. In the beginning, depending on the community you'll receive either a randomly assigned team consisting of:
    • 2 goal keeper
    • 4 defender
    • 6 midfielder
    • 3 forward
    or no team and a higher starting budget.
  10. You will receive points for every player in your line up on each matchday, based on the real performance of the player in the Bundesliga.

    The evaluations are provided in cooperation with . Based on a large number of statistics, calculates a rating, which objectively evaluates the player's performance. Comunio converts the statistical ratings into the following points:

    0.0 - 4.6-8
    4.7 - 4.9-7
    5.0 - 5.2-6
    5.3 - 5.4-5
    5.5 - 5.6-4
    5.7 - 5.8-3
    5.9 - 6.0-2
    6.1 - 6.2-1
    6.3 - 6.40
    6.5 - 6.61
    6.7 - 6.82
    6.9 - 7.03
    7.1 - 7.24
    7.3 - 7.45
    7.5 - 7.66
    7.7 - 7.87
    7.9 - 8.08
    8.1 - 8.49
    8.5 - 8.810
    8.9 - 9.211
    9.3 - 10.012

    Additionally every player is receiving points for scored goals and negative points for sending-offs, regardless of the playing-time:

    Goal goalkeeper: 6 Points
    Goal defender: 5 Points
    Goal midfielder: 4 Points
    Goal striker: 3 Points

    Yellow-red: -3 Points
    Red: -6 Points

    A scored penalty kick is rewarded with 3 points, regardless of the player's position.

    The point bonus for a goal is always awarded to the player who has been officially confirmed by the DFL as the scorer. There are no negative points for own goals.

  11. For every vacant positon you're deducted 4 points! Exception: If all positions are vacant you'll get 0 points.
    When playing with substitutes, substitutes can compensate any vacant position regardless of the formation. You may not get points for the substitute, but will not get 4 points deducted either.
  12. Postponed matches are treated as an extra game day, i.e. you may change your line-up for the postponed match (if it doesn't overlap with a regular game day). Replays are not rated.

Prediction game rules

  1. For an identical tip you'll receive 3 points..
  2. For a tip with a correct goal difference you'll receive 2 point..
  3. For a tip with the correct tendency you'll receive 1 point..